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7. August 2019.

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7. August 2019.

Cellar “Potrti kotač”

The Cellar “Potrti kotač” is located in the unique environment of the hills of Međimurje, the widely known vineyards of Medjimurje and centuries-old forests, in an atmosphere where one can feel the spirit of old family rural life.
7. August 2019.

Restaurant Terbotz

For hundreds of years, generations have been making special wines, and the generation of our time is joined by fine wines with a passionate commitment to eating. In 2002, Terbotz Restaurant was built on the picturesque hill of Zelezna Gora, a place where our guests are happy to bring back pleasant memories.
7. August 2019.

Kojter Winery

Kojter Wines is a family-owned winery from Međimurje that strives for excellence and where it is difficult to single out one of a number of excellent wines. The winery is located in Sveti Urban and is run by Anton and Jelena Kojter, an enthusiastic and ambitious couple, both married and business, who have refined their sense of winemaking with an inspired sense of aesthetics and offered the market one of the most beautiful wine labels in Croatia.